We believe all teams can innovate. Empower your teams by building trust, engagement and the right mindset

DiG  Discovery / Innovation / Growth a fun, fast pace, hands-on, and exhilarating game transforming the way people learn, manage change and face new challenges

Used in seminars, workshops and trainings it accelerates the learning and transformation of your leaders developing leadership talents in innovation, customer centricity, value growth, entrepreneurship, team performance and collaboration.


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Setting up a DiG workshop / seminar / training

The DiG learning experience is facilitated by our global network of consultants / coaches / professors all certified by DiG Business Learning or by internal trainers for larger company / government training programs


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A real life learning experience to accelerate learning and to change the mindset of teams in Corporations & Governments

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New report predicts robot co-workers and four hour working days by 2050

You are a Consultant / Executive Coach

Use DiG to accelerate change and learning of your clients

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A real life learning experience to make student courses more fun and more effective 


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You are a Professor

Use DiG  to offer more fun and a real life business experience to your students

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You are a Corporation / Government

Organise a seminar / workshop / training with DiG, offering a real life business experience accelerating learning and transformation of mindsets


You are a Academic Institution / Business school

Use DiG to enrich the learning experience for your students and executives in a real life business environment