Professors and Teachers

You are a teacher and you want to power your course with experiential learning?

The DiG business simulation is a fun, fast pace, hands-on, and exhilarating game that can be used in one of your courses to bring to life the topics of customer centricity, innovation, value-based marketing, business acumen, growth, value creation, entrepreneurship, collaboration, team performance, or leadership . This can take as little as one double session in a Graduate or Undergraduate course, or half a day in an executive seminar.

The DiG leadership game helps you to create a memorable learning experience with minimum additional preparation and no risk. We organise specific demo sessions for teachers and professors to get familiar with the game and the instructor software. Materials and  access to technical and pedagogical support are provided. For more information on upcoming dates for the online demo sessions, please contact us at

If you want to get a understanding of all aspects of the DiG leadership game : conceptual background, presentation of learning context, operation of the game, experiential dynamics, debrief of results, and conclusions, we also propose to join our DiG online certification sessions, organised in 3 modules lasting each 2 hours.

Some testimonials

The DiG Certification workshop held at Paris gave me photo-nirmal-guptaa tremendous opportunity to experience and learn about this great simulation. DiG is a powerhouse – offers immense value to teach numerous concepts relating to customer centricity, customer focus, innovation, marketing execution, growth and profitability (to name a few). Certification workshop helps one understand the nuances and depth of the simulation. It easily prepares future users (as Instructors) of this simulation to feel comfortable with the business game, appreciate the concepts that go with it, and gives a lot to think about its utility in different courses (both at MBA level and in Executive programs). Sharing of ideas and flow of the workshop is well designed and the entire workshop is a tremendous value add for everyone.

Dr Nirmal Gupta, Professor and Marketing Educator, India 


‘The DiG certification workshop in Paris was a great opportunity to learn from an exciting business simulation, as well as meeting wonderful people from all over the world interested in innovative ways to help people in their professional development. The DiG is a great tool that brings participants closer to the business reality of today. A globalized world with many competitors and changes at high speed, which make a daily necessity to be in contact with the consumers to discover what they are looking for. In addition, the DiG simulation is based on teamwork, which allows to develop in parallel the participants’ leadership and communication skills. All this complexity is lived in a very dynamic and engaging session! Thank you Jean Claude and Yvette for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm during the seminar, and for connecting great people through the DiG community’.

Maika Valencia Silva Universitat Ramon Llull – Barcelona, Spain


You are interested in adopting the DiG Leadership game in one of your courses?