Creating an intrapreneurial culture

To thrive innovation coming from inside large companies, changes need to happen, starting with how people learn in organisations : more peer-to-peer learning and collaborative forms of development to share knowledge and experiences, making people responsible for their own learning agenda, allowing learning from failures and supporting working as a collective.
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The Business Case for Curiosity

Curiosity is vital to an organisation's performance - as are the particular ways in which people are curious and the experiences they are exposed to. This article gives some great ideas how leaders can nurture curiosity throughout their organisation and ensure that it translates to success.
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Adapting to a Startup Spirit by Playing

Courses, Camps, Incubators: Startup Founder Education is Wide. Anyone who switches to a startup as a former employee of a large company would best prepare by participating in a business simulation. DiG Associate Ruediger Petrikowski is heavily involved in the startup community as mentor at Fintech Incubator F10 in Switzerland. F10 uses the DiG – Discovery […]
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