How to transform for lasting change

This article will give you insight on 3 essential success factors to increase your chances of success in your transformation. With serial transformations becoming the norm, a key strategic question for any corporate leader is, How can we make our next transformation flourish?  The full version with examples of successful transformations and failures can be found at HBR 
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Four ways to build an innovative team

These days everyone wants to build an innovative team and most of the time we are searching for the Steve Jobs of this world, while probably you should think about how you can use your existing teams. This article gives some great tips to do so.
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Creating an intrapreneurial culture

To thrive innovation coming from inside large companies, changes need to happen, starting with how people learn in organisations : more peer-to-peer learning and collaborative forms of development to share knowledge and experiences, making people responsible for their own learning agenda, allowing learning from failures and supporting working as a collective.
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