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Government - INDONESIA

Transforming to a Market Driven Organisation

DiG was used in an executive course teaching on transforming to a market driven organisation for Indonesian government officials. DiG Associate : Barbara Banda 

Learning from Failure

Becoming more agile and creating an entrepreneurial culture to drive innovation. When participating in the DiG business simulation, teams learn how in an unknown business situation we can learn by using an open mindset allowing to listen and to discover customers and to learn by experimenting incremental chances. Instead of building the Ferrari right away we can start by designing a skateboard and progressively improving it. Sitaonair has used DiG with its executive team. DiG Associate: Anders Fleischer 

DiG to Teach Marketing

How to better teach marketing than putting your students in a real-life business environment, have them exchange ideas, fail, analyse and find solutions? At the Maastricht School of Management in the Netherlands DiG was used to teach different concepts of marketing and experiment in a real business case as a team. DiG Associate: Frans Cornelis 

Creating Team Cohesion 

The DiG simulation is an excellent way to favor take people out of their comfort zone and to face new challenges as a team far away from their own business. Sometimes it is just easier to listen to each other and find solutions together when we are taking out of our daily roles and responsibilities. DiG is a tool which allows to ask questions which are relevant for your business and deal with them in a different way. DiG Associate: Len Andrieux   

DiG for Leadership Development

DiG was used by the Human Capital Leadership Institute for its corporate leadership program for Abbvie. DiG helps their participants achieve deep learning on various aspects in business and leadership. It helps leaders strike a balance in having a discovery mindset and an execution mindset. The ability to discover new insights followed by rigour in execution DiG Associate : Eng Sing Soon 
Stockholm School of Economics - RUSSIA

DiG for Entrepreneurs

DiG was used by the Stockholm School of Economics in a module of the open program 'Business Zoom' for entrepreneurs. The DIG simulation encourages attitudes & behaviors for exploration, taking initiatives, managing risk, and building the ability to bounce back from failure. The simulation allows participants to experiment in a real life business environment and to learn as as group DiG Associate: Anna Izmailova 

DiG for Leadership Development

The Human Capital Leadership Institute  empowers participants in various of their leadership development programs to adapt and learn in a new world using DiG Business Learning. DiG helps their participants achieve deep learning on various aspects in business and leadership. It helps leaders strike a balance in having a discovery mindset and an execution mindset. The ability to discover new insights followed by rigour in execution is important in today’s networked economy and disruptive landscape. DiG associates : Eng Sing Soon and Wendy Yeo 

DiG to make learning more effective and fun for students

The DiG business simulation was used in the Product Policy and Innovation course of the Master program at the Athens University of Economics and Business in Greece. DiG is a fun and effective way to make learning of different concepts stick with your students. DiG has been an excellent way to illustrate concepts of the Brand Management & Innovation course which is part of the Master program in marketing and communication. DiG associate : Professor Prokopis Theodoridis  

Learning to become Agile

The DiG simulation was used during a 9 month program at the Digital Cocoon school ('Grande Ecole du Numérique) in Paris. The training prepares participants for new digital jobs by learning them how to become agile and develop digital skills to adapt quickly to professional situations, to mobilize transversal skills (cooperation, innovation, autonomous learning), to work in project mode and to know how to build a career path. The DiG simulation was a perfect way to experiment in a real life business environment and to learn as as group and from their failures. DiG Associates : Colin Kramer & Dana Lefeuvre 

Preparing Executives for the Digital Era

The DiG simulation was used during a training for executives at Les Echos Formation in Paris with the objective to rethink their way of managing teams and their company in the digital era. In small teams participants practice their learnings in a unfamiliar but real business environment. Experiential learning allows to learn as a team, to experiment and learn from mistakes. Teams can implement different strategies for the company they have to develop and grow over a period of 5 years. DiG associate : Colin Kramer  

Collaboration and Teamwork to face New Challenges

The DiG simulation was used for a small group of senior leaders of Amadeus Travel Solutions during a 2 day seminar in Madrid. Executives were in an unfamiliar, but real life business environment where leaders need to learn from eachother to build a new business, to experience the importance of collaboration and team work to build sustainable growth. DiG was also used to demonstrate how to prepare for the challenge of digital transformation. DiG Instructor : Thomas Hellwig

Developing a culture of Customer Centricity

Still a lot of companies are product oriented and customer based innovation is often used to improve just the customer interface. How to make sure your products are the result of  you understanding the problems you can solve for them? This requires specific attitudes and behaviors of your teams. The DiG simulation puts teams in a realistic business environment, outside their day-to-day confort zone, to build a product solely through customer based innovation. LIC - Life Insurance Corporation has used DiG in a corporate development program at the Indian School of Business to help its executives change mindset and become more aware of what is needed for customer based innovation. DiG Instructor : Professor Nirmal Gupta

DiG to develop new Leadership Talents

When teaching leadership to develop new talents, practice is important. The DiG simulation was used in the CEDEP Company program for Credit Agricole to consolidate the learning of the program and allow executives to practice in a real business environment. Learning by doing, trying, making mistakes and adjusting. DiG Instructor : Thomas Hellwig

Practice Decision Making and Influencing

The DiG Simulation creates a realistic business environment and pushes executives out of their confort zone. Teams of 3 to 4 executives have to collaborate and make decisions to flourish the results of their company during a period of 5 years. DiG was used in a executive company program of EMST for Irkutsk Oil about Decision Making and Influencing. DiG Instructor : Prof. Konstantin Korotov 

Developing new leadership talents

When teaching leadership to develop new talents, practice is important. The DiG simulation was used in the second module of the INSEAD Company program for Grünenthal to consolidate the learning of the program and to give executives a chance to practice within a real business environment. Learning by doing, trying, making mistakes and adjusting. DiG Instructor : Thomas Hellwig

Developing a culture of innovation

More than 400 managers were trained at Sberbank in Moscow through the DiG Leadership game, making part of Sberbank’s 500 programme. The Sberbank 500 programme is run in partnership with INSEAD based on  the “Leaders Teach Leaders” model. In a half a day session, the DiG leadership game has increased the awareness of how to trigger innovation and the central role of client discovery to achieve innovation DiG Instructors : Anna Izmailova & Anton Walter in partnership with professors of INSEAD

Developing a culture of customer centricity

In a product push oriented culture, it is hard to suddenly consider innovation by understanding the problems of your customers. It requires a transformation to help teams adapt to a new environment where profound customer knowledge is necessary to innovate and create more value for the company and clients. In a half a day session, the DiG leadership game has been a way to start creating more awareness of the customer power and how to discover customers and their environment to define some first concrete actions DiG Instructors : Yvette Roozenbeek & Stefania Migliuolo

DiG to develop new leadership talents

When teaching leadership to develop new talents, practice is important. With the DiG leadership game participants of the TMS Academy program have been able to put in practice their learnings of the week in groups of 3 to 4 participants. Learning by doing, trying, making mistakes and adjusting. DiG Instructor : Eng Sing Soon 

Competition to select startups

Selecting startups is a difficult task, just looking at the project and teams is not enough. What is important, is to see the teams in action. F10 an incubator and accelerator in Switzerland has used the DiG Leadership game to see their short list candidates in action and all teams participating got value our of this experience, even those who were not selected. Thomas Landis / startup coach working for F10 : “Using the DiG business simulation supported us to select the startups with the best fit for our FinTech incubator and accelerator program at F10. The game allowed us valuable insights into the way how each startup worked: team dynamics, focus on what matters, strategy planning and execution. Within no time, it verified our impressions of several teams and spotlighted obvious weaknesses of supposedly strong teams as well. We enjoyed this playful approach of closely screening our pre-selected candidates.” DiG Instructor : Ruediger  Petrikowski
SP.JAIN Global School of Management - DUBAI

Providing a learning experience to students in a realistic business environment

Students usually have to wait until they work to get hands-on training. SP. Jain School of Management has decided to use the DiG leadership game to teach value based marketing in a realistic business environment. Students have to make decisions as a team and see their results and consequences at once. A perfect tool to offer more effective learning to students preparing for their first jobs. DiG Instructor : Visiting Professor Nirmal Gupta 

Creating team cohesion and strengthening customer centricity

Thomas Vontz, Non Executive Director of Sicap Group. 'The Discovery Innovation and Growth simulation got our yearly strategy workshop off to a great start. It ensured all team members started thinking about what we do from a different angel. We have always seen ourselves as innovative and customer focused. The DiG simulation taught us to think even more about customer centricity, innovation and sustained growth. Proving one can never think enough about these topics. The simulation was easy to run and very well managed by Leverage Experts who managed to put the experience into the right perspective for our board members'. DiG instructor : Kolja Rafferty

Creating awareness on how to create more value for customers and the firm

The DiG leadership game used in a workshop format with executives from Abbott Health Care to accelerate awareness on how value can be created for the firm and customers and experiencing in a realistic business environment the importance of both innovation and execution to contribute to sustainable growth. DiG Instructor : Nirmal Gupta

Improving team performance and developing new leadership talents

Investing in high talented managers and developing team cohesion is key for sustainable growth. APM terminals organised a leadership development week for a group of its Executives in the jungle of Costa Rica. The DiG leadership game was used for half a day to improve team performance and develop new leadership talents. DiG Instructors : Jurjen Knoester & Martina Mangelsdorf
Hong Kong Hospital Authority, Kowloon Hospital, and Hong Kong Eye Hospital – HONG KONG

Experiental learning a more effective way of training

Hobby Cheung, Hospital Chief Executive “The DIG simulation is a very innovative approach in management training. In the medical field, we are also actively introducing Simulated training for professional skills training of our medical and healthcare professionals, and our experience so far is that this is very useful in terms of quality and efficiency of training. I had the chance to get in touch with the innovative approach during my stay in INSEAD, and it is really an eye-opening experience to me. The DIG simulation module is user friendly, easy to master, and creates a virtual environment in the business world where team members are faced with different scenarios and can interact with one another to find out workable and effective solutions. It is also an enjoyable journey going through the simulation training process. Personally, I found it a most valuable experience that should not be missed!”
Moog Inc. – IRELAND

Improving team performance

Andrew Barrett, Global Business Manager “Many organizations spend so much resource on developing great processes and new ways of working, but underestimate effort required to gain adoption required to deliver the promised value.  I found the DiG simulation extremely useful as it brilliantly emphasises (a) the difficulties in gaining adoption within an organization, (b) the need to plan, act and adjust as you go along and (3) how a “project” team works together can affect the path forward and result.”
Accenture S.p.a - Strategy Consulting - ITALY

Using client discovery to innovate and create options for value creation

Francesco Scaccheri, Senior Manager “DiG simulation was great to develop leadership and marketing skills focusing on costumer discovery to find new value creation opportunities. It’s an exciting teamwork exercise that leads to adopt effective innovation and business management behaviors in the daily work of marketing executives. Effective learning that turns into business results from day 1!”
Pepe Jeans London – SPAIN

Develop customer discovery behaviour

Bart Denolf, International Director “DIG simulation is a very balanced and practical way  to clearly understand the importance and necessity of discovering and  experimental learning which leads  us to understand our customers.  In that sense innovation and exploring with a very open mind  appears to be key. This discovery  of our customers and their needs  is value creating  and will make us be 1 step ahead of our competitors.  It is a simulation where you have all aspects of real business/life; negotiation with your peers, learning curves,  time pressure and result driven.”
CSC – Computer Science Corporation - DENMARK

More effective learning in a short period of time

Antonio Rey Ruiz, Global Strategic Initiatives Director “Working in well-defined and challenging business environments, and getting results and feedback about the decisions taken in different areas, provide a unique opportunity to develop key leadership skills to manage today's uncertain business world. The DiG Simulation is a fantastic tool that enables that powerful learning in a short period of time.”
Bayer – CHINA

Empowering people to innovate in a new way

Emma Howe, Head of Marketing “Participating in the DiG simulation was a fun and valuable learning experience. The simulation presents a realistic business scenario in which to apply your knowledge of the innovation process in order to achieve sustainable business growth.  It can quickly highlight your bias to spend more time & resources in one area and how this often comes at the cost to the overall goal.   With each round the team starts to understand these implications and learns to adapt their current strategy to deliver even more growth. It is a really great tool to get your team thinking differently about how they approach innovation as a whole”