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Do you want to provide a real-life learning experience to your students?

DIG provides a different learning experience for graduate or undergraduate students through a business simulation where each student will be actor in a small group of 4 to 5 students. The simulation requires from 1 to 3 class sessions and can be deployed in a variety of courses, including :

  • Customer centricity: bridging the gap from a vague understanding of customer orientation to a pragmatic appreciation of real customer focus, the requirements for customer insights, and the overall process to transform customer focus into business value
  • Innovation: emphasizing the importance of customer insights in an open-innovation environment, the link with value creation, and the role of ambidextrous skills for value-creating innovation
  • Value-based marketing: at the beginning of a marketing course to provide a value creation perspective on the role of marketing, from the identification of customer insights to the development of power offers and the execution of effective market strategies
  • Business Strategy: as an introduction to the course, to illustrate the whole business process from customer insights to innovation, market deployment, and value creation
  • Entrepreneurship: encouraging attitudes and behaviours for exploration, taking initiatives, managing risk pragmatically, and building the ability to bounce back from failures
  • Leadership: to reveal and apply the drivers of effective team performance in a realistic and intense business environment

To propose the DiG leadership game in your courses you can either become a certified instructor yourself or ask us to propose a Certified Instructor from our global network.

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