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Bring more value to your clients with our experiential learning experience

The DiG leadership game is a fun, fast paced, hands-on, and exhilarating game transforming the way people learn, manage change and face new challenges. It can be used in a half a day to two days seminar, workshop or training. Participants gain understanding of the whole business perspective from customer insights to value creation in small groups in just a few hours.

Key benefits for participants

  • Engagement & motivationThe high focus on collaboration and learning from each other increases engagement.
  • Increasing Teamwork: DiG engages participants in team-based activities thus training them on team building and leadership. This benefits the participants because they learn from each other and also because they will have to work in a team in a professional environment.
  • Effective learning: Experiential learning is personal and effective in nature, influencing both feelings and emotions thereby enhancing knowledge and skills. Research shows that participants remember only about 20% of what we teach them in a traditional training. On the contrary, they retain 80% of the knowledge, when they learn by doing. When participants make business decisions in a business simulation and immediately see the results of their actions, the important business principles become a part of their natural thinking.
  • Behavioural change: There are very few learning methods that can have a lasting impact on the participant’s mindset. Experiential Learning is one of them. We all know that we can not learn swimming by just reading about it.

You can make part of the global network of certified instructors to use the business simulation for your clients. We will train you in a “DiG Certification session” on all aspects of the DiG experience: conceptual background, presentation of learning context, operation of the game, experiential dynamics, debrief of results, and conclusions.

The “DiG Certification” can be obtained either through a 1 ½ day training in Paris allowing to network with peers, or online via GoToMeeting through 3 modules each lasting 2 hours. We provide detailed instructions and materials and you will have access to technical and pedagogical support as needed.

Instructors are selected by DiG Business Learning on the basis of submitted credentials. We charge a certification fee for the full process, including all materials and certificate, of 1500€ when attending the Paris workshop (including restaurant first evening and lunch second day) or 990 € for attending the online live certification modules. Fees can be waived in certain circumstances and upon request.

Some Testimonials

The workshops are a powerful learning and networking experience :


The DiG certification workshop in Paris has been a fantastic learning experience and the DiG business game will be a real added value for my clients looking to create an innovation mindset and encourage team behaviour and dynamics. It also gave me the opportunity to meet talented people from all over the world with whom I will stay in touch through the DiG community. 

Simon Castex, Belgium 



The DiG (Discovery-Innovation-Growth) online certification modules gave me a wonderful opportunity to learn by gamification.  DiG is awesome –offers a unique approach to teach leadership skills for effective and sustained business growth by providing the tools to gain strong consumer insight and market execution.

We are reminded to not be obsessed with competition and be passionate instead about building a better future for our consumers. DiG will be of immense value for my clients looking to drive strategic alignment within their teams whilst fostering a consumer-led innovation culture that maximizes value creation and leverages coaching. DiG can easily be complemented with a variety of leadership self and team assessment tools to help individuals, teams and companies assess themselves to facilitate new insights and further refine the identification of new development objectives. 

I had a blast of fun working with my partners during the simulations and made great connections during the course of online certification modules. Thank you Yvette Roozenbeek and  Prof. Jean-Claude Larreche for curating such a thought-provoking workshop!

Ejemen Okojie, Nigerai 

Just finished 2 fascinating days on a certification course in Paris on the newphoto-michael-hodgett business simulation DIG. DIG was developed by Jean-Claude Larreche of INSEAD, who has more than 30 years of business simulation success behind him. The DIG simulation enables teams to adopt and test new behaviours, strategies and tactics to accelerate DISCOVERY, INNOVATION AND GROWTH. I’ll be using DIG with my clients to enable them to drive more customer-focused innovation.

Michael Hodgett, Canada



deepak-gunvante“Having spent 3 decades of driving growth through Innovation in FMCG world, I found the DiG simulation software comes through to provide a near real-life learning, in the comfort of a room, risk-free – all in a day! It’s indeed a terrific tool for sharpening strategic thinking ability, heightening the importance of consumer-focused Innovation and ability to utilise resources optimally, besides being a great tool to promote Team dynamics & collaboration. Kudos to Prof.Jean-Claude Larreche and Yvette Roozenbeek for having developed this awesome Innovation simulation software at INSEAD and the great learning experience of the online certification”

Deepak Gunvante, India


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