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Accelerate change in your organisation

To run an agile organization that consistently innovates and achieves impact, you need people who are ready, willing and able to find and execute on new ideas. Best-practice models, frameworks, processes and tools help, but success also requires new mindsets and reflexes that can only be developed through experience. DiG is a learning tool used in seminars, workshops and trainings to accelerate learning by offering a real life business experience. The game transforms leaders and teams helping them to become more  innovative, customer centric, entrepreneurial and it also drives team performance and effective leadership increasing the awareness for value creation and sustainable growth.

The DiG business simulation requires from half a day to two days and is run in small groups of 3 to 4 participants. It is used in different formats :  executive seminars, dedicated workshops, special company events or company development trainings, and has been designed as a multi-lingual versatile learning tool to develop leadership competencies in one or a combination of the following topics:

  • Customer focus: bridging the gap from a vague understanding of customer orientation to a pragmatic appreciation of real customer focus, the requirements for customer insights, and the overall process to transform customer focus into business value
  • Innovation : developing a broad innovation culture, emphasizing the importance of customer insights in an open-innovation environment and the link with value creation
  • Marketing: providing a value creation perspective on the role of marketing, from the identification of customer insights to the development of power offers and the execution of effective market strategies
  • Business acumen: illustrating and practicing the whole business process from customer insights to innovation, market deployment, and value creation, including the requirements for quality in both innovation and execution
  • Growth: building a shared realization that each individual  has unlimited opportunities to participate in the creation of quality growth, from the identification of customer insights to the aligned execution of a business strategy
  • Value creation : understanding the various meanings of value and reconciling the creation of value for individual customers and for the firm
  • Entrepreneurship: encouraging attitudes and behaviors for exploration, taking initiatives, managing risk pragmatically, and building the ability to bounce back from failures
  • Collaboration :  capitalizing on the full potential of others to create maximum value, based on a deep understanding of internal customer needs, motives and capabilities
  • Team performance : revealing and applying the drivers of effective team performance in a realistic and intense business environment
  • Leadership : exposing selected facets of leadership (including self-awareness, active listening, collaboration…) and developing the ambidextrous skills of innovation and execution required in the value creation process

In special events and annual management meetings, the DiG business simulation can also be used as an energizing team building exercise around the above mentioned themes

To use our simulation and set up the DiG learning experience you can either use our network of certified DiG associates or we can train your trainers through a specific train-the-trainers program. 

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