DiG certification dates

New DiG Certification dates :

  • Online : 2018 February 6,15 and 22 -session split into 3 modules each lasting 2 hours (one in the morning, one in the afternoon)
  • Paris : 1 1/2 days April 24 and 25, in the center of Paris 
  • Online : 2018 June 5,14 and 21 -session split into 3 modules each lasting 2 hours (one in the morning, one in the afternoon)

For the online sessions, participants have to follow all 3 modules to get DiG certified.

The online certification costs are 990€ (3 modules of 2 hours, live sessions) and the 1 1/2 day workshop training in Paris costs are 1500€. Currently we are running a promotion to certify at half the standard price. 

Over the last year we have trained almost 150 consultants, coaches and professors to use DiG – Discovery – Innovation – Growth in more than 38 countries and we will continue to do so after the first year of existence of DiG Business Learning. The DIG leadership game is an excellent way to accelerate the transformation of leaders and teams and to build performing teams. The game can be used as part of larger transformation / leadership programs, but it can also be used as a standalone company event for team building. The DiG learning experience itself will take from 4 hours up to 2 days.

We are happy to talk with you, please reach out to networkinfo@digbusinesslearning.com.

Testimonial from our members

Paris certification session – The workshops are a powerful learning and networking experience :


The DiG certification workshop in Paris has been a fantastic learning experience and the DiG business game will be a real added value for my clients looking to create an innovation mindset and encourage team behaviour and dynamics. It also gave me the opportunity to meet talented people from all over the world with whom I will stay in touch through the DiG community. 

Simon Castex, Belgium 



Online certification modules – Great learning experience of the online certification : 

“Having spent 3 decades of driving growth through Innovation in FMCG world, I found the DiG simulation software comes through to provide a near real life learning, in the comfort of a room, risk-free – all in a day! It’s indeed a terrific tool for sharpening strategic thinking ability, heightening importance of consumer focused Innovation and ability to utilise resources optimally, besides being a great tool to promote Team dynamics & collaboration. Kudos to Prof.Jean-Claude Larreche and Yvette Roozenbeek for having developed this awesome Innovation simulation software at INSEAD and the great learning experience of the online certification”

Deepak Gunvante, India