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To use DiG – DiscoveryInnovationGrowth – in your organisation/institution you need an instructor who has been certified by DiG Business Learning and who can facilitate the game. DiG business Learning can either train some one in your organisation or bring you in contact with a certified instructor in your location. Contact us at

The DiG simulation is played in teams of 3 to 4 participants. Playing the game in a small team improves the learning of all participants.  Our standard license fees are the following :

  • Executives : equaling around 90€ per participant
  • Students (degree granting courses) : equaling around 15€ per participant

We apply a special reduced DiG licence fee for executives in countries with a GDP/capita < 8000$ equaling to around 60€ per participant

Please, be reminded when ordering licenses that logins to access the game are only communicated when payment has been received in our accounts

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Information on entity for whom you require a license:


By investing in higher education, we hope you also want to join us in supporting the education of children, by helping the Malala’s fund in its fight for Girls’ Education. You can use this link to contribute