DiG – developed at INSEAD

To run an agile organization that consistently innovates and achieves impact, you need people who are ready, willing and able to conceive and execute on new ideas. Best-practice models, frameworks and tools help, but success also requires new mindsets and reflexes that can only be developed through experience.

DiG – DiscoveryInnovationGrowthis a web-based business simulation providing teams with a learning experience on how to perform in a new world characterized by increased customer power. The DiG leadership game is based on more than 30 years of experience in experiential learning by Prof JC. Larréché at INSEAD and is designed to provide a time-effective learning experience for a wide variety of learning opportunities.


Key value  – Empowering your managers to adapt and learn in a new world

The DIG leadership game provides above all an excellent way to accelerate the transformation of leaders and teams and build performing teams through experiential learning. The simulation can be used as part of larger transformation and internal training development programs, or as a standalone company event for team building. The DiG learning experience itself will take from 4 hours up to 2 days.

For graduate and undergraduate students, the DiG simulation is an excellent way to provide a real-life business experience when teaching marketing concepts, business acumen, leadership and entrepreneurship. It will require 1 to 3 class sessions depending on the objectives of the class

For some recent examples of DiG learning experiences please go to our page with client experiences.

A team experience

Your managers will in teams of 2 to 4 participants manage a company called Inovink from 2021 to 2025, which designs and commercializes an innovative product, the MagicPen©, that can write without ink.

Their mission is to expand the value of the product for the firm and for customers over a 5 year period. Inovink leaders have to discover customer insights, test them,  innovate with new offers, improve the customer experience, and implement market deployment activities. Teams get insights into their growth drivers, customer base, test results as well as financial data to make decisions. Their objective is to maximize value creation over a period of 5 years. All teams independently face the same situation and they compete indirectly to obtain the best results.

Here is a great example of our DiG Associate Frans Cornelis in the Netherlands


The DiG Learning Experience

Participants will experience the whole business value creation process, the discovery of customer insights to the creation of profitable growth :

  • Adapting to a new unknown business situation
  • Launching customer discovery initiatives
  • Developing a customer offer: discovering customer insights, testing, design
  • Experiencing the cost of non-innovation and the creation of options through innovation
  • Selecting customer value components and propositions
  • Creating power offers and growth boosters
  • Making effective pricing decisions
  • Discovering various meanings of customer value, understanding WTP (willingness to pay) behaviours and achieving customer engagement
  • Deploying resources for effective market development
  • Creating quality growth and business value
  • Monitoring key performance drivers
  • Adapting to the requirements and opportunities of an uncertain environment



Generate impact on your organisation

DiG Business Learning is working with a global network of facilitators including leadership professional & educators who are selected and certified by the DiG Business Learning team.  For larger organisations we also set up train-the-trainer programs to certify internal trainers, please contact DiG Business Learning on the different formats and costs.


Some examples of information and analyses that are available in 6 languages in the DiG simulation :


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