Advantages of experiential learning

Accelerating Learning

Repetitive Learning or learning by rote has long been replaced by ‘Learning by Doing.’ Experiential Learning is a method of acquiring expertise and skill through practical application of concepts, theories and problem solving techniques instead of just reading or hearing about them and has become an established method to accelerate learning.

Providing a Safe and Realistic Learning Environment

Simulations use real life business scenarios with the advantage that participants can make mistakes without any real life implications and are able to learn from them to improve and gain confidence. It has been proven that participants who make more mistakes than others during the simulation learn the most.

Merging Theory and Practice

By moving beyond theory to the realm of “learning by doing,’ the trainee gets a first-hand experience of practicing what has been taught.  This plays a crucial role in retaining concepts and ideas. It is great for students who have never worked before or Executives who would like to try new ideas, but without the consequences of a real life environment.

Increasing Team Work

Experiential learning engages participants in team-based activities thus training them on team building and leadership. This benefits the participants because they learn from each other and also because they will have to work in a team in a professional environment.

Producing Demonstrable Mindset Changes

There are very few learning methods that can have a lasting impact on the participant’s mindset. Experiential Learning is one of them. Management guru Henry Mintzberg pointed out long ago that, “Leadership, like swimming, cannot be learned by reading about it”.

Increasing Engagement Levels

The high focus on collaboration and learning from each other benefits the participant as it increases engagement. On the other hand, since the participant is immediately involved in the problem solving activity or event, the level of ownership of the outcome is high.

Delivering Exceptional Return

Experiential learning is personal and effective in nature, influencing both feelings and emotions as well as enhancing knowledge and skills. It goes beyond classroom learning and ensures that there is high level of retention, thereby delivering exceptional return over a traditional learning program.

Learning is Easier and more Accurate

Simulation of a real-world situation with optimal outcomes, shows whether participants are able to understand the concepts as expected or not.