When and who can use DiG

Why use DiG

Corporations use DiG to accelerate the transformation of their company fostering a culture of learning, customer centricity, innovation, driving team work, breaking silo’s between departments/units and providing every one in the organisation with a common sense of the business value cycle. DiG can be used as an one-day event or integrated as part of a transformation or training development program.

DiG is also used by organisations in their leadership programs, peer to peer coaching and executive assessments as experiential learning situations are favorable to the emergence of natural behaviors.

What type of organisations

Any organisation (Private, public or non-profit) with the above mentioned challenges or programs can use DiG whatever their size, locations or sector. DiG is an affordable and effective solution for smaller companies as we certify a large variety of instructors working with different size/type of the companies, sectors and level of participants. Large multinationals have the advantage to use the global DiG network with a presence in a large amount of countries and/or to set up a train-the-trainer program for their internal trainers.


All our clients are convinced after running the game, that learning by doing is the most effective way to provide professional training and team cohesion. You will find a certain number of examples on our page  Our Clients . If you would like to have more exemples or if you have questions about the relevance of the DiG Learning Experience for a specific industry, a specific country, or a specific situation, please contact us.