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DiG Business Learning is specialised in experiential learning for executives and undergraduate and graduate students. Our business simulation, DiG, has been designed by Professor Jean-Claude Larréché, Alfred H. Heineken Professor of Marketing at INSEAD, and founder of several marketing related simulations, including Markstrat.

Professor Jean-Claude Larréché has started more than 30 years ago to search for ways to have his students and executives learn in realistic business contexts where they can apply the business concepts he is teaching : ‘If you help students learn from their mistakes, they are far less likely to make a mistake when the costs are real‘. Besides for students, his simulations have also been proved to be very effective to develop new leadership talents of executives. The development of the DIG simulation has benefited from the research and business applications associated with Professor JC Larreche’s book The Momentum Effect”

Yvette Roozenbeek, co-founder of DiG Business Learning, has extensive experience in business consulting accelerating growth and driving innovation for her clients and is former founder and CEO of SmartPool, an innovative block trading platform in London. She has started her career in education as General Director of ILSA, a NGO in Washington DC, promoting international law all over the world. ILSA encourages students to practice advocacy in international law through an International Moot Court Competition, a simulation of a fictional dispute between countries before the International Court of Justice.

Professor JC. Larreche
Professor JC. Larréché
Yvette Roozenbeek
Yvette Roozenbeek


Jean-Claude Larreché and Yvette Roozenbeek, co-founders of DiG Business Learning, believe people learn better and faster by experiencing  in a fun environment without boundaries

We have the ambition to make DiG – DiscoveryInnovationGrowth –  easily accessible for small to large companies, governments or schools whatever their geography or sector against affordable costs:

  • Leading EdgeThe DIG Learning Experience has benefited from INSEAD research and business applications associated with Professor JC Larreche’s book “The Momentum Effect”. Before being made available to a wider audience, the DiG simulation has been tested and improved in more than 30 learning situations involving more than 1500 participants in more than 500 teams and from more than 50 countries.  These participants included executives from a wide variety of sectors
  • Cost Effective :  a licence fee of around 90€ per participant for executives, a reduced fee of around 15€ for undergraduate students and for countries with a GDP/capita below 8000$ the reduced fee is around 60€ per participant for executives. The game can be played from 1/2 day up to 2 days and our global network of certified DiG instructors and professors work with our clients to adapt objectives and learnings to different circumstances. DIG is fully web-based and can also be used on-line with participants in different locations.
  • Available to allDiG is delivered by a global network of instructors and professors who are certified by DiG Business Learning, making it possible to use the DiG leadership game everywhere and organize global sessions with participation in different locations in different regions. The DiG software itself is at the moment available in 6 languages English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Korean. More languages can be created depending on direct client demand. The DiG experience can be delivered in a traditional workshop setting or through the web with multiple e-learning modules with various teams in different locations